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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seriously I have no idea of what to write about, just that I miss blogging and sadly Im kinda left out in this area of my life.

For no reason, I felt afraid of what life will be in the coming 10years.where will i stand? what will my life be? am i good enough to have what it takes to take up all the challenges? can I provide any luxuries to my families and my loves one? I had to admit, I'm afraid of facing it, but what kept me going on standing on concretely is that I know ,no matter how tough it will be ,I still have a bunch of good friends and family members to support me, at least that's what I think that I have.

Recently I had been flashing back to the past 2 years, and I just realize that in a flick of an eye 2 years had just gone like that. Just like what Chinese people will said :"好时间,过得快!" indeed it's true.I met people that added some spices into my life, learned how does life really works out, I found my true friends. And most importantly, I learned values that a man should have in his life, thanks to my dad for all of it.He told me that a man without any values in life, is a man without any respect from the society. We just don't wanna be those kinda man eyy. ;)

Hmm so whats the biggest changes in me within this 2 years? MY FREAKING HAIR! haha.so let the pictures does the talks.

starting from this hairstyle in foundation....

to this nerdy look.
to this(degree one trimester 1)....
and this...
and thissss( degree year 1 trimester 3)...
lastly this(degree year 2 trimester 1)...tadaaaa!
but now its all long again..so its all back to square one. =(

K guys so long for now.time to get some serious food..I need to digest some glucose or Im gonna lose weight!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WASSUP FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im back in da blogging industry..LOL..sorry for not updating due to internet problem and as usual tons of assignemnts. So what ca
n i say about my new life in KL?surely i havent mention it to u guys right? let me summarize it for u. Students in my campus are a total geeks and nerds? exceptions to my brossss...haha..club for 7times in MAISON the 1st 4weeks in this new place.and ate lotsa lotsa foods...

So yesterday I went to broga hill with my malaccan frens. suppose they are sending me back to KL but in the end, I ended up my afternoon in Ikea with them and then BROGA HILL and the last but not least KAJANG SATAYY!!!. There are 4peaks in the freaking 400m hills.Though I sport alot ,but damn I felt so freaking exhausted and my feets are like breaking and shivering while climbing up the steep hills.Perhaps im nt that fit as i used to be? NAHHHHHH!!!!! Im still fit.*HEY I MEANT IT OKEYYYY!*.hahaha.

So I better stop the mumbling and let the photos below do the talking..I k
now I craped alot..XD

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

As u guys can see now im currently doing my new course(accouting) in utar sungai long campus.Life for the few weeks here was like a hell to me.Without my bros and sis frm kampar,im bored to death and i miss them bloody much!At here i dun even feel like im having a proper campus life.D campus sucks to the max! Toilets in the campus just like those in those kopitiam's..=S

But at least ders jona and ah ping in setapak.can consider quite near to me.So we can still hang out often..haha if only max could transfer course to sungai long.den it will be perfect for me..XD

So what i had been doin for a week in sungai long:
1.went midvalley twice.
2.went to jusco with coursemates
3.met up with jona,max,and ping,and club at maison for 2days.XD(damn max give us a super duper big suprise!thx bro for coming..damn miss u dat time..haha)

k guys..so far from me now..

p/s:going back to kampar on d 19th of june to have seafood lunch with cirabi and celebrate kar jie bday..^^

Saturday, April 24, 2010

2more weeks and im gonna said buhbye kampar.Gonna start a new uni like in utar sungai long campus.To be honest im kinda looking forward to it.Pursuaing accountancy and management in major ,really shocked lotsa ppl.ahaha..cuz im a biology student.Hopefully I did the right choice.Finally leaving this dead town.haha.Finals around the corner,but im still relaxing like hell..no feelings at all.LOLx.

To all my coursemates and frens:good luck in da finals..^^

Monday, April 5, 2010

had a sudden interest in this pet.They call them sugar glider..oh gosh i wan it badly !!!surely it gonna be an awesome pet..so here's a picture of it~

Hopefully i can own 1 nxt month..looking forward to it!!!WAIT FOR ME SUGAR GLIDER!!!

Its been a while since my last post.Kinda lazy wanna update my blog recently.Yeah busy with lotsa stuff.midterms,assignments and lotsa fun.haha..In another 3weeks time,this semester will end and perhaps I wont be available anymore in kampar if my course transfer approve by the admin.Hopefully this sem will be a memorable one.=)..This sem I had lotsa fun with different frens ,i got to know them way better than my 1st thought.Perhaps the phrase dont judge a book by its cover is surely true.haha.Thanks to those frens I felt Kampar like my second home.At first when I stepped my leg in the land of kampar i totally felt sick about it.A land without cinema,malls,entertainment centres and damn bloody hot!But one thing im cetainly sure of is that this place is full of lovely frens that turn this place into home warming paradise.And i love this place alot after that..hahaha..weird right? XD..

K guys,so far from me..


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Always i mentioned before im coming back to kampar from my semesetr break.OH SHIT U SICKING KAMPAR..i dunwan to go back to you.now the situation reli changes.Im gonna miss these place so much.U guys see ,these place makes me feel like home, all the friends here, and lecturers that played an important role in my life at kampar.Though its entertainment is kinda sux, but the friends here are awesome , so as the study environment. sigh~If my appeal succeed im will be soon leaving this heart warming home and start all over again in an alienated area..=(